PAPRIKA…I love this app!!!


I do not typically share things like this, I mean who really cares about my favorite app?  However, this is too good to keep to myself!!  I downloaded an app last week called Paprika and it is an amazing recipe manager!  I bought the app for my computer, i-pad, and i-phone…I love it that much!!  I’m definitely not a spokeswoman for Paprika so I get nothing for promoting it.  I’m simply telling you, just like I would pick up the phone and call my best friend to tell her about a great sale.

Have you ever been in a store when you think about a recipe that you would really like to cook for dinner but you can’t remember the ingredients?  Well, with this app you have all of your favorite recipes with you at all times.  The next time somebody asks you for a recipe simply open it up and share it with them then and there.  You can enter your own recipes and you can download recipes from your favorite blogs or recipe websites on the Internet, and it saves the website with the recipe!  It does not come with a single recipe, which thrills me, I don’t want a bunch of recipes that I have no interest in taking up space.


2015Mar25_4376   2015Mar25_4377   2015Mar25_4370


Pick a recipe, click on the shopping cart and it shows your ingredient list.  Add the ingredient list to a grocery list for convenience.


2015Mar25_4375  2015Mar25_4261


Need to cook for a crowd or cut the recipe down, click “scale” and adjust it.




There’s also a calendar where you can plan your weekly menu.




I have only started adding recipes to Paprika but I can already tell that I am going to love, love, love it!!!


2015Mar25_4260   2015Mar25_4368



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2 thoughts on “PAPRIKA…I love this app!!!

  1. I love this idea! I think I would benefit in many ways to have a calendar for planning meals…saving $, less waste of food, timesaver too.

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